2012 Rice County Steam and Gas Engine Show

In September, I attended the Rice County Steam and Gas Engine Show.  It was a fun day.  Many different era’s in agriculture were shown.  Horse power, steam power, gas power we’re all being shown off.

Horse drawn plowing

Real Horse Power

Steam Engine Tractor

Steam Power

Minneapolis Moline First Cabbed Tractor

Minneapolis Moline First Cabbed Tractor

Threshing Oats

Threshing Oats

Field of Antique Tractors

Field of Antique Tractors

Think Pink

Think Pink

Civil Defense Siren

Civil Defense Siren – Some photographers will do anything to get the shot!

There was a lot to see.  The sheer amount of tractors in the parade was impressive and it’s not every day you get to see a mobil civil defense siren; kind of the reverse philosophy of the ice cream truck I guess.

If you tired of the tractors, there was a flea market onsite that seemed to have something for everyone whether it was old containers or manuals

Old containers and manuals

To something completely out of place

Jack Satter Silver Records for “Thin Red Line”

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2 Responses to 2012 Rice County Steam and Gas Engine Show

  1. Ryan, it’s all about connections. And to think I almost turned down the offer to ride on the back of that “Civil Defense” truck. I would have missed out on a fun opportunity. So nice to meet you at the show.

    • ryanware says:

      Actually it looked like an interesting place to shoot a parade from. Shift the focus from the parade entrants to the audience. There are some great pictures throughout history where the photographer whether on purpose or by accident, turned around and captured something that was simply stunning. I’m thinking in particular of this photo “Graham Jackson with accordian” http://www.atlantatimemachine.com/misc/gj03.htm by Edward Clark.

      Clark had driven all night to get to Warm Springs, GA to get a shot of FDR’s funeral cortege. As FDR’s casket came by he heard an accordion start to play and turned around and saw the image and took the photograph. Hundreds of other photographers were there and he was the only one who saw it.

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