Not the traditonal “Barn Red”

Pink Barn near Brownton, MN

This farm will catch your eye as you travel near Brownton, MN.  It’s definitely not a traditional color for a barn.  The farm is well kept up.  There is even a small pink dog house hear the light pole in the yard.

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5 Responses to Not the traditonal “Barn Red”

  1. This is a first, a pink barn. I can’t say as I like it. Do you think the color pays tribute to the fight against breast cancer?

    • ryanware says:

      I was by there the other day, and it’s now a deeper shade of pink as they’ve covered the barn with steel. I actually didn’t mind the light pink, I’m not a fan of the darker pink. I’ve no idea the origin of the pink, but they are committed, that’s for certain.

  2. I’d say this is more of a husband’s lost bet with the farm wife than a tribute to breast cancer, but who knows. Funny find!

  3. Don Deckert says:

    From an excerpt I found on the internet:
    “Book features McLeod County’s pink barn

    Pink in color since the barn was built in 1904, a barn between Glencoe and Brownton catches people’s eye just off Highway 212.

    “The barn has been pink as far back as they know,” Ohman said. “They’re going to keep it that way, too.”

    Currently, Ohman said the barn is used for boarding houses. The property owners have also painted all of their outbuildings the same pink color to match the barn, and have also put a basketball hoop on the side of the barn.”

    I was there this past weekend and snapped a few photos. It’s still all wood siding on the barn, just looks like fresh paint. This has ALWAYS been referred to as “the pink farm”
    A few of my pics can be seen here:

    • ryanware says:

      Thank you Don for the information on the “pink farm”. It’s one of a kind for sure. You have some wonderful barns and other photos at Flickr.

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