The local creamery


Farmers Creamery Co.

Farmers Creamery Co.

Creameries are a common site in many Minnesota towns.  Most are closed, many have been demolished.  Some are the best built or most interesting building in the town.  Creameries sprung up as a way for local milk producers to get their product to market quickly enough so it was fresh and usable.

The creamery in Hendrick’s was in operation from 1920 until the mid 1970’s.  They sold milk and butter and any excess not used locally was sold to Land O’ Lakes.

“The last one of six to close in Lincoln County, Minnesota, in the late 1970s was the Hendricks Farmers’ Creamery, which was founded even before the 104-year-old town” Source.  According to the article, price pressures led to it’s closing.

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