Old Main of Stanton Iowa

Last summer in Iowa, I  passed through the town of Stanton and was able to take a few moments to get some photos.

One building in particular caught my eye.  It’s an old school that is now a Swedish Cultural Center.   It was not open the day I was there so I don’t have any detailed info or photos of the inside, but it is quite a building nonetheless.   I’m planning a trip back to the area this coming summer and will make it a point to stop and visit.  Also I want to shoot some  shots of the coffee pot water tower.

“The Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center is the oldest public building in Montgomery County still in use.  The building, known as “Old Main” school, now houses a wide variety of historical and cultural items, genealogy records, a gift shop and new exhibits each year.”  http://stantoniowa.com/historical/SitePages/Home.aspx  Stanton is also the birth place of Hollywood’s Virginia Christine, the “Mrs. Olsen” on Folgers Coffee television commercials.


You can see the emergency exit tube from the second floor.  I would have to say that as a student, that would have been a lot of fun to use for practice.



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3 Responses to Old Main of Stanton Iowa

  1. Definitely a town worth a return visit. It’s great to see a solid old building like this repurposed rather than torn down.

  2. Jackie says:

    Very cool school building… I’m pretty sure I would want to see the inside of this one 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    That’s an interesting looking building. I bet it is equally interesting on the interior. Lots of windows and angles, very nice! Appreciate the pictures.

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