Country Roads and Farm Houses

There is nothing as refreshing to me as simply driving the backroads in search of whatever is over the next hill.  It restores my mind and makes me think of time decades ago when the family farm was flourishing.

Country Roads

Country Roads

Roads such as the one above are peaceful things.  No traffic jams, almost no traffic, time to pull over and snap a photo without risking your life or endangering other motorists, room to turn around if you decide you want to go the other way, you can travel at your own pace without impacting others, you will see wildlife, the road goes through things rather than around, you feel the road, it’s soft not hard like tar or cement,you might see livestock on the road, you will see tractors on the road, you will see places with character,  sanitization is for interstates. [shout out to James Joyce]


Farm House

Farm House

Traditional farm houses are an interest of mine.  This style was common to the upper midwest.  They were added onto as the farm and family grew.  This one has a nice porch on the front you can just make out under the tree.  This house is in nice shape and is well maintained.  Many traditional farmhouses are having the same fate as the barns, so I’m preserving them as part of my rural photography collective.

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1 Response to Country Roads and Farm Houses

  1. I’m totally with you on following gravel roads and photographing rural scenes. I need to start looking at houses more instead of just barns.

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