Carver County Crop Check

Was out and about for a little bit today.   Like most of Minnesota we’ve had a wet spring and first half of the summer and things just can’t seem to dry out before we get hit with more rain.  Spring planting was late and then the floods came.  Rivers and creeks out of their banks, prairie potholes turned into lakes.

Creek still out of its banks

Creek still out of its banks

This scene is very common, even now the 19th of July.

More damage from a creek flooding

More damage from a creek flooding

This creek has returned to it’s banks, but you can see clearly where the flooding was.

Ruined Crops

Ruined Crops

This pot hole is pretty much a loss I think  The farmer has planted soy beans in it and they are up, but about three inches high.  Unless we have a very late frost not much will come of this.

Water Damage

Water Damage

Lastly this is a corn field.  The wet conditions have been hard on the corn, stunted growth, yellowing and various heights of corn tell the tale. The fields that do look good are ones that were in ground that does not flood and were planted before the flooding rains.  Even those, however, are a couple weeks behind other parts of Minnesota I have seen.

Carver County seems to have taken the brunt of the excess moisture this year.    A few roads are still closed due to flood damage to the road.  A July 2nd article mentions that the state has sustained an estimated 32 million dollars of flood damage.  9.2 million, nearly 1/3 of the Minnesota total is in Carver County.

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