Springfield Town Hall

This beautiful town hall is in Cottonwood County, Minnesota six miles south of the town of Storden.  In addition to being used as a polling place and township hall it was once a school.

School district No. 5 was formed in Springfield township, from sections 26, 27, 28, 33, 34 and 35, in township 105, range 37.  Source.

Springfield Town Hall

Springfield Town Hall

Genealogy trails had this little tidbit that I found interesting and mildly amusing.

Springfield township is the second from the western line of the county and is on the south line, with Southbrook township at its west, Amo township at its north, Great Bend township at its east and Jackson county at the south. It comprises all of congressional township 105, range 37 west The main stream and south branch of the Des Moines river flow from the south-east to the northeast of this township, forming the great bend, after leaving and entering Great Bend township. This is an excellent township and the farming interests are good. The people are of the thrifty type, who always succeed in accumulating wealth. Once a barren prairie domain, it has, under the touch and labor of its settlers, come to be known as one of the finest in the county. Its groves, which were planted out by the thoughtful settlers, have come to be of great beauty and utility, both for the fuel and shelter they afford against the severe elements.

I’m not disputing the statement, but I wonder if that observation was of a third party or if it’s more of the case the author putting some personal thoughts down.

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  1. What a beautiful town hall, obviously appreciated. The patriotic paint colors make it stand out from most town halls. Great find, Ryan.

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