Country Church

Minnesota is chock full of rural churches in a stark contrast to the trend in the larger cities which is to grow mega churches.

These small churches are special in that it’s a very close congregation typically.  The problem they have long term is with the young people migrating to the city, the congregation is composed of older and older members.  Things like painting and other maintenance tasks that would have been done by volunteer member labor start to be too much given the age of the members.  Fixed incomes of members and a shrinking congregation due to mortality mean less funds for upkeep.  I will say though, I see the country churches doing better than their small town counter parts.  I’m not sure why that is.

Country Church

Country Church

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2 Responses to Country Church

  1. Ryan, I think members of country churches are rooted deep in the land. They are connected to these houses of worship by generations. Therefore they hold a deep sense of responsibility for these churches which their ancestors likely founded. That’s my theory.

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