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Country Church

Minnesota is chock full of rural churches in a stark contrast to the trend in the larger cities which is to grow mega churches. These small churches are special in that it’s a very close congregation typically.  The problem they … Continue reading

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Country Roads and Farm Houses

There is nothing as refreshing to me as simply driving the backroads in search of whatever is over the next hill.  It restores my mind and makes me think of time decades ago when the family farm was flourishing. Roads … Continue reading

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Autumn Harvest Sunset

I got this one last fall.  It was a still day and lots of dust was still in the air from the harvest that was in full swing.  It made for an incredibly bright orange sky. This is the type … Continue reading

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Country Trees

This is a country tree if you ask me Tall and stout with branches all about Leaves provides shade through the day When the autumn winds haven’t blown them away In the spring a sight to be seen When the … Continue reading

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Derrynane Township T-41

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a township road sign.  It seems anymore once you get below the county road level, there are no signs. Derrynane Township is in Le Sueur County of Minnesota.  The roads I was traversing all … Continue reading

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Old Homestead

When was this abandoned?  Why?  What are some of the hardships the farmer or rancher and family endured?  This is near Garretson, SD, so we know the winters were no picnic and the summers were certainly warm enough.  The land … Continue reading

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Horse with no name

If you live in the city, you can’t keep your horse on your property.  That seems to make perfect sense.  So what to do?  If you spend a little time driving out in the country around a major metro area, … Continue reading

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