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Country Church

Minnesota is chock full of rural churches in a stark contrast to the trend in the larger cities which is to grow mega churches. These small churches are special in that it’s a very close congregation typically.  The problem they … Continue reading

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Springfield Town Hall

This beautiful town hall is in Cottonwood County, Minnesota six miles south of the town of Storden.  In addition to being used as a polling place and township hall it was once a school. School district No. 5 was formed … Continue reading

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Silo Reflections

Back on June 15th I was out photographing and took this shot.  As you can see, things were quite wet then.  I liked this shot because of the reflection of the silos in the water. A little bit about the … Continue reading

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Budejovice Church, Montgomery, Minnesota

A few months ago in the grips of cabin fever, I lashed out in a fit of defiance, and took a day off of work when the sun took occasion to shine.  As I’m wont to do, I got in … Continue reading

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Country Roads and Farm Houses

There is nothing as refreshing to me as simply driving the backroads in search of whatever is over the next hill.  It restores my mind and makes me think of time decades ago when the family farm was flourishing. Roads … Continue reading

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Morning on the Farm

Morning on the farm. The farmer is out doing chores and will return to the warmth of the house soon for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. The light in the farm house promises warmth and comfort.

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Late Summer Barn

 This barn near Butterfield, MN is one of my favorites.  It’s a wonderful structure and has an ACO Silo beside it.   It greets visitors as they approach the North edge of the town.    It’s very close to the Butterfield Threshing … Continue reading

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